EDEN LUSH - Enrich Earth, Enlive Life


Eden Lush is a globally focused, nationally driven, and locally sustained company with deep vertical integration with agricultural supply chains. We are active in more than 30 countries globally while our operations range from procurement, warehousing, distribution, processing, merchandising, transport, logistics and more.

We take pride in acting as a bridge to meet the supply-demand dynamics of commodities – straight from the farm to local markets -- from local markets to national or much broader markets, and finally from emerging markets to other markets in the world.

Our extensive logistics and infrastructure set up helps us to trade commodities efficiently between markets, and countries these markets exist. Our operations are designed to meet global demands for consumption everywhere.

The company has a vision to increase our brand presence across the world, to offer products in value-added processing markets, and to take our flagship floricultural supply chain network to new heights.