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All Gardening is landscape Painting ~ William Ken

In today's busy life, it becomes a bit tedious to make time to go to parks for a walk or to visit gyms regularly. For many household chores are the only exercise. So, why not try gardening as an exercise? Because even few research work point that doing gardening for thirty minutes every day has its own health benefits.

In thirty minutes you can not only burn calories but also improve your flexibility.

You can create your own mini horticultural heaven, ensuring you don't miss out on growing a wide range of plants. Yes, you can have a rooftop garden where you can also grow some nice vegetables and fruits (if you're being assisted by a qualified EDEN LUSH Landscape Designs and Rooftop Gardens service provider or an experienced botanist).

We can setup themed gardens on any floor of a listed building high above your house, bungalows, office or a restaurants. The Roof Gardens is a space like no other.

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