EDEN LUSH - Enrich Earth, Enlive Life


    We at Eden Lush, serve global customers with a mission to bring trade efficiency to the commodities we deal with

  • We strive to play a key role in enhancing the continent’s growth through the global marketing of its locally produced commodities
  • We strive for continual improvement in our Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Accountability management system performance as an integral part of management philosophy and
  • We maintain a safe and healthy environment in all the activities of commodities business
  • We commit ourselves

  • To comply with relevant national and international legal, customer, finance supporter and stakeholder requirements
  • To provide the consumer with safe and quality flowers and food products with hygiene by fulfilling the highest standards of cleanliness, personal hygiene, housekeeping, effective supply chain management
  • To comply the social standard requirements by not engaging the child and forced / compulsory workers, improving the health/safety, allowing workers for freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, not showing any discrimination, establishing the disciplinary practices, maintain working hours, given sufficient remuneration according to the work, monitoring of supplier and contractor social performance
  • To continually improve the Integrated Management System by establishing measurable objectives and targets, conducting periodic internal audit and regularly reviewing the systems performance and initiating the appropriate correction, corrective action and preventive actions
  • To enrich the earth by growing green and enhancing country’s green heritage so as to sustain life of human beings and animals